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4 Steps To Becoming A More Effective and Successful Swim Coach

  • Learn the critical areas of knowledge you MUST have to be a successful swim coach
  • Find out why knowing, understanding and utilising these critical areas of knowledge are crucial for your development and success
  • Take a closer look at two critical areas that you MUST focus on in every session
  • Discover the importance of ongoing swim coach support


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Leigh Nugent


Gary Barclay


Bec Stone - Nutritionist

Bec Stone


Gold Class Swimming contributor Megan Davis

Megan Davis

Child & Sport Psychologist


Gold Class Swimming contributor Shaun Curtis

Shaun Curtis


Gold Class Swimming contributor Nick Veliades

Nick Veliades




“What you are doing here is absolutely brilliant. To actually have this kind of access, I think it’s unparallelled, so please keep doing what you’re doing because it’s absolutely phenomenal”

- Matt, Sydney, Australia

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