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Do you want to take your swimming coaching to the next level?
We can help you with Swim Coach Advantage!

Swim Coach Advantage Membership Program

What is Swim Coach Advantage?

Swim Coach Advantage is the support you have been looking for to take your coaching, and your swimmers, to the next level.

It’s the number 1 professional development Swim Coach membership program, developed by experienced Swim Coaches for all Swim Coaches.

What is Included?

Video Library

Access to a video library of 100s of swim drills to use in your everyday coaching.

Professional Development

Ongoing professional development in all areas of swim coaching.

Coach Network

Access to a network of swim coaches from around the world to ask questions, share ideas and learn from.

Online Presentations

Regular online presentations on all facets of being a successful Swim Coach.

Swim Coach Advantage Q&As

Live Q&As

Live sessions that give you the opportunity to ask specific questions directly to coaching experts, support staff and industry leaders

Webinars & Masterclasses

Our expert contributing coaches share their knowledge on all aspects of swim coaching and training.

Bonus Inclusion 

Stroke Model Videos Package

As a coach or swimmer, it is important to know what good stroke technique looks like. Being able to model perfect technique is an important aspect coaching and swimming and can assist with stroke development and correction.

As part of your membership, you will gain access to world-class stroke models for each of the four competitive strokes.

Stroke Model Videos Bundle

The content and direction of this program has been developed by three of the world’s top swimming coaches.

Belinda Hocking

Triple Olympic Swimmer

Who is Swim Coach Advantage for?

If you are any of the following, then the Swim Coach Advantage program is specifically designed for you.
You are:

  • A swim coach who is ready to commit to building your dream swim team. You want to fast track your knowledge to ensure success!
  • Willing to change how you’ve been doing things. You know your coaching can be better if someone would just show you how!
  • Able to accept guidance and advice from people who have conquered the problems you’re facing.
  • A swim coach in a new program who wants to shortcut the pain and frustration that comes from building a squad program or swim club from the ground up.
  • An experienced swim coach who is looking for new ideas and professional support to re-energize your coaching.
    Excited about the opportunity to become the go-to swim coach in your area.
  • A swim coach who is isolated from other coaches and would like on-going support.
  • A relatively new swim coach who is in their first five years of swim coaching and would like ideas on how to fast-track your coaching, or
  • The Head Coach of a program who would like some assistance to develop your junior and age group coaches more quickly.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone Anymore

Don’t spend another night lying in bed awake, wondering how you’ll ever take your swim team to the next level. Wondering when you’ll finally feel like you “made it” or if you’ll ever be taken seriously… not only in the aquatic industry but by friends, family, and the community. 

Parenting Competitive Swimmers Through the Current Environment Live Webinar

We give you the missing pieces to help you succeed.

Never before have we shared the level of information that you’ll receive inside Swim Coach Advantage. It’s not available in an information product or even a five-day live conference. In fact, it’s not available outside of Swim Coach Advantage. This is the number one place you’ll find ‘how to’ information related to running all facets of being a successful swim coach.

Swim Coach Advantage is an exclusive membership based program that provides swim coaches from around the world with a central platform to grow and develop their skills and knowledge to provide their swimmers with the best coaching possible.

How Do I Join?

You can sign up as a Swim Coach Advantage member today by choosing the membership option that best suits your needs, by clicking the “Join Now” button that corresponds to the plan option that suits you.

Once you join you will get immediate access to the guidance and support you need from the three of us, our expert colleagues, our swim coaching community and all of our amazing Swim Coach professional development resources.

We look forward to welcoming you to Swim Coach Advantage.

Coach Contributors

Leigh Nugent


Gary Barclay


What are some of the advantage of joining Swim Coach Advantage?

  • Become a better swim coach through continual learning from experts
  • Take advantage of the support team around you as a Swim Coach
  • Expand your coaching networks and ability to learn from others
  • Reduce the feeling of isolation that is common amongst Swim Coaches
  • Improve your communication skills and your relationships with your swimmers and their parents
  • Develop more successful swimmers through improved coaching
  • Make more money by fast tracking your coaching knowledge and results
  • Use your time more effectively for professional development

“I would like to thank you for the mentorship, assistance and encouragement you guys have given me over time. It has contributed greatly to my confidence and ultimate success in securing a Head Coach position. I am excited about my new position and I am eager to continue my membership as your continued support is invaluable.” 

Jan Victor

The Benefits of Ongoing Education & Development

The key benefits of participating in an ongoing education and development program include:

  • Keeping up with industry changes – The aquatic industry is constantly changing and it is important for coaches not to be left behind.
  • Staying ahead of competitors – Coaching is about continually growing and developing. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you must keep learning. If you stand still with your learning, they will pass you very quickly.
  • Being able to easily recognise skill gaps in your swimmers – By receiving regular reminders about technique and skills, you will automatically draw upon these as part of your coaching. Your swimmers will benefit greatly from this.
  • Maintaining and building knowledge and skill – While one-off training or Conferences may be good for some, it’s important that you put in place a mechanism to continually develop your skills. To retain knowledge, constant reminders and practicing the skills regularly provide you with a great advantage.
  • Ongoing incentive and encouragement to learn – If Club’s offer this training to their coaches on an on-going basis, coaches will have much more incentive to learn, participate in the program and put their new skills into practice.
  • Increased job satisfaction levels – Through a continued investment in the program, coaches will have a much higher sense of satisfaction which will improve their motivation towards their work.
  • Provide internal and external promotion opportunities – With on-going training, coaches become more eligible for internal and external promotions.

World Class Swim Coaches

As a Swim Coach Advantage member you will get access to some of the world’s best Swim Coaches via our private online community, online presentations and live Q&A sessions.

Expert Knowledge

As a Swim Coach Advantage member you will get access to some of the world’s best Nutritionists, Psychologist, Biomechanists, Physiologists, Strength & Conditioning Coaches & other coach support staff.

Quality Resources

As a Swim Coach Advantage member you will get access to a curated library of the best resources that will help you take your coaching to the next level – no more sifting through the junk – we are delivering up only the best resources for you!

“I’m really enjoying the SCA sessions. Being in a country program we struggle to get interaction with other coaches and the past 12 months or so has really given my coaching a lift.” 

Paul Myers

Our Swim Coach Philosophy

We believe that Swim Coaches perform best when they are surrounded by other Swim Coaches for support and guidance.
The best Swim Coaches are those who share with others and are open to new ideas. It is our mission to create an environment where Swim Coaches from around the world can rise together for the betterment of the sport of swimming.

Why Us?

With more than 100 years of swimming and coaching experience between us, we can help you in all areas of coaching.

We’ve worked with thousands of swim coaches around the world and helped them transform themselves and their business. Let us help you too!

We Have Experience

This is how many swimmers we have coached in our collective 100+ years of coaching…

State Swimmers

National Age Gold Medallists

International Medallists

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gain access to Swim Coach Advantage?

Select your membership option, then click on the “Join Now” button to receive immediate access.

Once you have joined you will be sent an email with your login details, along with a link to join our Private Facebook Group. You will need to request to join the Facebook Group and your request will be approved as soon as your membership has been confirmed.

Do I get access to everything as soon as I sign up?

The core content of the Swim Coach Advantage membership program will be available to you as soon as you join, but we are adding to the resources regularly and we will send you weekly emails alerting you to those new resources.

There are also regular live online sessions with expert Swim Coaches and support staff that will add additional content and value to the program over time.

Your Swim Coach Advantage membership is a resource for you to access relevant information as required. Whilst we will be focusing on specific themes throughout the year, we encourage you to access those resources that are most relevant to your needs at any given point in time.

How does Swim Coach Advantage compare to sport conferences?

One of the most popular ways for Swim Coaches to increase their knowledge base and build their network is to attend a coaching conference.

A simple 3-day conference can cost you around US$600 or more, and while you can learn a lot whilst there, without the constant contact and reinforcement, it can be easy to forget what you learnt in no time at all.

We offer much more year-round value than what you will receive at a conference and for only a fraction of the price.

Swim Coach Advantage is also a great option for swimming clubs and swim teams to provide professional development support to their coaches. For a small annual cost, clubs can provide their coaches with effective support and current information to help them improve all-year-round.



When will the live sessions be held?

As we have Swim Coaches from all around the world in the Swim Coach Advantage membership program, we understand there will never be the “perfect time” for everyone to attend our live sessions. For that reason, we will be varying the times for each live session and we will be communicating the session times with you via the membership area, email and our private Facebook community.

What if I can't attend the live sessions?

Don’t worry if you can’t attend the live sessions, as we have a special section within our membership area where you can access all the replays.

As a new member you can also dig back through the archives of our live sessions to catch up on those topics that are most important to you.

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

If, for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase within 14 days of purchase, you can contact us to request a full and we will process your refund, no questions asked!

Can I share the membership login details with another Swim Coach in my team?

If you would like to gain access for several members within your Swim Club, then contact us to discuss our group purchase discount option.

What if I have more questions, how can I get them answered?

Just contact us with your question and we will get back to you ASAP.