Backstroke Swimming Technique Videos

Master the stroke of Backstroke with how-to videos developed by Australian Olympic Swim Coaches.

Perfect Backstroke Swimming Technique for Maximum Speed, Power & Efficiency!

As a swimmer, its important to know what good technique looks like.

However, not all coaches and swimmers have access to a swimmer who can demonstrate optimal technique for every stroke, start, turn and finish. Even if they did, observing ideal technique isn’t enough. You also need to be able to view that technique from all angles, whilst receiving expert guidance pinpointing critical aspects, as well as articulating why they matter.

Our Stroke Model and Skills Videos provide a clear visual representation of correct technique, allowing swimmers to see the stroke movements and body position throughout different stages of the stroke. These videos come with commentary and annotations from former Australian Head Coach Leigh Nugent, offering additional insights into the nuances of correct technique. This expert guidance will provide swimmers with a deeper understanding of the mechanics involved so that they can more easily replicate this technique themselves.

The videos can be replayed multiple times, allowing swimmers to reinforce the correct technique through repetition. Consistent exposure to proper form helps to ingrain the movements into muscle memory, making it more likely that swimmers will replicate the correct technique in the pool.

“In these resources, I will show you how to perfect your stroke and achieve the correct technique used by the world’s best swimmers.”

Leigh Nugent

Former Australian Olympic head swimming coach and leading swimming educator

Backstroke Stroke Model Video

Many swimmers find it difficult to maintain proper alignment and body position throughout the entire stroke cycle when swimming backstroke. This backstroke stroke video clearly demonstrates and describes the correct stroke technique for swimming backstroke effectively, narrated by former Australian Head Coach, Leigh Nugent. This video is suitable for swimmers of all ages who are looking to improve the speed, power or efficiency of their backstroke stroke.

Backstroke Technique Video

The Backstroke Stroke Model video includes:

  • The ideal stroke technique for backstroke
  • The correct head position for backstroke swimmers
  • The backstroke kick and number of kick’s recommended per arm cycle
  • How to get effective propulsion from the kick
  • How the body rotates around the long axis or spine
  • The correct arm pattern for backstroke above and below the water
  • Why rotation before elevation is important at start of each arm recovery
  • Where to enter the hand in the water
  • Why opposite timing of the arms is important

Understanding Backstroke

This six-part video series is designed to help you better understand backstroke, particularly from a mechanical and efficiency point of view.

Backstroke Technique Video

This video series explains the key components of:

  • Body position
  • Rotation
  • The leg kick
  • The arm stroke
  • Timing breathing

Backstroke Starts, Turns & Finishes

This three-part video series demonstrates the correct way to complete a backstroke start, backstroke turn and backstroke finish.

Backstroke Technique Video

This video series explains the key components of:

  • Backstroke start & breakout
  • Backstroke turn
  • Backstroke finish

Coach Contributors

Leigh Nugent


Leigh Nugent is one of the best technical swimming coaches in the world. As National Youth Coach for Swimming Australia from 2000 to 2003 and again from 2005 to 2009, Leigh has worked with many of the best up and coming swimmers and coaches in Australia and around the world. Leigh was the Head Coach of Swimming Australia in 2003-2004 and again in 2009-2012, leading the sport to its most successful Olympics since Melbourne 1956 in Athens in 2004.

Gary Barclay


Gary Barclay has been involved in the sport of swimming for more than 30 years in a variety of capacities including as a swim teacher, swimming coach, athlete manager, event manager and 17 years as CEO of one of the most successful swimming clubs in Australia. Gary coached swimming for 12 years and was very successful with junior and age group swimmers with swimmers winning more than 100 gold medals at the State Championship level.

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