Swim Parent Advantage

The Number 1 Support Program For Swimming Parents

Everything you need to know as a swimming parent, plus bonuses of at least 40 videos on key nutrition and psychology topics to assist parents and young swimmers.   

Swim Parent Advantage

Do you want to provide your child with the best support you can on their journey through competitive swimming?

We can help you with Swim Parent Advantage!

Who is Swim Parent Advantage for?

Swim Parent Advantage is specifically designed for you if you:

  • Are a parent of a young swimmer starting out in squad training and competitive swimming
  • Are a parent of junior or age group swimmers looking to support your child and their participation in competitive swimming as much as you can
  • Have never swum competitively yourself but would like to learn more about the sport and how you can provide the best support possible to the swimmer/s in your family
  • Are a parent who wants to provide the best nutritional support to your child or children.
  • Are keen to know more about the intricacies of competitive swimming
  • A parent who would like to understand more about athlete development and how it affects the performances of male and female swimmers as they move through the age groups
  • Are keen to understand the requirements and support required for swimmers to progress to an elite level
  • Would like to understand the pathways available for competitive swimmers
  • A parent who would like to provide positive support to your child and know the right things to say or do when their child experiences success or disappointment
  • Excited about the opportunity to be knowledgeable about the sport and learn from some of the best coaches in the world
  • A parent who is isolated from other parents with swimmers at a similar ability and would like to develop a network of parents in a similar situation
  • Are keen to participate in a parent’s only forum to learn more about competitive swimming, to share ideas and help others.

How Swim Parent Advantage Works

 Swim Parent Advantage is a membership program with a one-off payment to join. Each parent member receives:

  • More than 100 videos or written posts on the sport of competitive swimming, psychology or nutrition. 
  • Access to a network of swimming parents from around the world to ask questions, share ideas and mastermind with via a Private Facebook Group – whatever topic you would like to know more about, we can help you
  • Links to quality resources all in the one spot to save you time and improve your knowledge

Why Should You join?

 The advantages of joining the program include: 

  • Developing a better understanding of competitive swimming
  • Becoming a better swimming parent through continual learning from experts
  • Expanding your parent support network and ability to learn from others
  • Reducing the feeling of isolation if you’re a parent in a small or remote club
  • Improved relationships with your children and their coach
  • Increased support around you through connection with other swim parents in the exclusive Facebook group.

Meet the Instructors

Leigh Nugent and Gary Barclay have more than 100 years of swimming and coaching experience between them. Through Gold Class Swimming, they assist swim coaches, parents and swimmers on their journey through competitive swimming.

They are committed to providing high level instruction and support to coaches, swimmers and parents.

Parenting Competitive Swimmers Through the Current Environment Live Webinar

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