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Improve your stroke technique with how-to videos developed by Australian Olympic Swim Coaches.

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As a swimmer, its important to know what good technique looks like.

However, not all coaches and swimmers have access to a swimmer who can demonstrate optimal technique for every stroke, start, turn and finish. Even if they did, observing ideal technique isn’t enough. You also need to be able to view that technique from all angles, whilst receiving expert guidance pinpointing critical aspects, as well as articulating why they matter.

Our Stroke Model and Skills Videos provide a clear visual representation of correct technique, allowing swimmers to see the stroke movements and body position throughout different stages of the stroke. These videos come with commentary and annotations from former Australian Head Coach Leigh Nugent, offering additional insights into the nuances of correct technique. This expert guidance will provide swimmers with a deeper understanding of the mechanics involved so that they can more easily replicate this technique themselves.

The videos can be replayed multiple times, allowing swimmers to reinforce the correct technique through repetition. Consistent exposure to proper form helps to ingrain the movements into muscle memory, making it more likely that swimmers will replicate the correct technique in the pool.

Expert Swim Coach Instruction

Expert Instruction

Gain access to insights from Olympic-level coaches who have trained world-class swimmers. You’ll learn the precise mechanics of each stroke, equipping you with the tools to swim faster and more efficiently.

Enhanced Swimming Performance

Enhanced Performance

By following the techniques demonstrated in our videos, you’ll see significant improvements in your swimming speed, power, and overall efficiency. These enhancements will help you elevate your performance in the water and achieve your personal best.

Swimming Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Correct technique is key to avoiding injuries. Our videos not only help you swim more efficiently, but also promote safer swimming practices. By learning and maintaining proper form, you’ll reduce the risk of common swimming-related injuries, allowing for a longer and healthier swimming career.

Mastering Swimming Technique

Master all Aspects of Swimming

Benefit from detailed videos covering Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly. Whether you’re focusing on a single stroke or seeking a complete package, our videos ensure you master every aspect of swimming technique.

Swimming Technique Videos

Visual Learning

Our high-quality, slow-motion footage from various angles captures every detail of each stroke, making it easier for you to understand and replicate the techniques. This visual clarity and repetition helps you perfect your form and maximise efficiency.

Swimmers of all levels

For Swimmers of all Levels

Our videos are perfect for swimmers of all levels, swim coaches looking to enhance their training programs, and parents wanting to support their swimmers. No matter your role, you’ll find these resources invaluable for improving swimming technique.

“Swimming is more than just a sport; it’s an art form. Whether you’re a swimmer striving for personal bests, a coach looking to refine your swimmer’s skills, or a parent eager to support your child’s swimming journey, mastering the correct stroke technique is crucial. Having access to the correct technique used by world class swimmers is one of the best ways to accelerate your learning and speed up your progress towards your goals.”

Leigh Nugent

Former Australian Olympic head swimming coach and leading swimming educator

Stroke Model Videos

As a coach or swimmer, it is important to know what good stroke technique looks like.

Being able to model perfect technique is an important aspect of coaching and swimming. Stroke model videos can significantly accelerate the process of stroke development and correction.

You can now gain access to world-class stroke models for each of the four competitive strokes – freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly.

Preview Example Freestyle Stroke Model Video:

Freestyle Swimming Technique Video

Freestyle Stroke Model Video

In this video we take a look at the freestyle stroke model including:

  • Required body position for freestyle and the importance of good rotation
  • How to kick correctly for both propulsion and for anchoring of the body
  • Arm pull pattern and importance of the catch
  • Recovery of the arms in freestyle
  • Correct position of the hand on entry for each stroke
  • Correct timing of the arms in relation to each other
  • When and how to breathe correctly


Butterfly Swimming Technique Video

Butterfly Stroke Model Video

In this video we take a look at the butterfly stroke model including:

  • How swimming butterfly can become relatively easy by implementing this model
  • Where the face looks when not breathing
  • Where the face looks when breathing
  • Correct position for the hands to enter the water
  • How to effect a strong catch on the water after entry
  • Critical key to a correct arm recovery
  • How to kick correctly
  • Timing of the arms, legs and breathing


Breaststroke Swimming Technique Video

Breaststroke Stroke Model Video

In this video we take a look at the breaststroke stroke model including:

  • Why breaststroke is the slowest competitive stroke
  • The three key components of the stroke that help us move forward
  • The base position with total body alignment
  • How to do the initial outward scull of the hands correctly
  • How to effect forward momentum from the inward scull
  • The timing of the breathe in relation to the arms
  • How to kick correctly to ensure maximum propulsion
  • The importance of the glide phase and how it changes for different races


Backstroke Swimming Technique Video

Backstroke Stroke Model Video

In this video we take a look at the backstroke stroke model including:

  • Correct head position for backstroke swimmers
  • Backstroke kick and number of kicks recommended per arm cycle
  • How to get effective propulsion from the kick
  • How the body rotates around the axis or spine
  • Correct arm pattern for backstroke above and below the water
  • Why rotation before elevation is important at start of each arm recovery
  • Where to enter the hand in the water
  • Why opposite timing of the arms is important


Stroke Model Video Bundle
Great Value

Stroke Models Bundle

Get all 4 swimming technique videos at a discounted price, including:

  • Freestyle swimming technique video
  • Breaststroke swimming technique video
  • Backstroke swimming technique video
  • Buterfly swimming technique video

TOTAL: 4 videos


BONUS Platinum Bundle Inclusions

Understanding Stroke Videos

Understanding Strokes

The Understanding Stroke Videos are designed to help you better understand each stroke, particularly from a mechanical and efficiency point of view.

These videos explain the key components of:

  • Body position
  • Arm stroke (pull and recovery)
  • The leg kick
  • Breathing
  • Timing
  • Rotation, where applicable

Starts, Turns & Finishes Videos

Starts Turns & Finishes

This three-part video series demonstrates the correct way to complete starts, turns and finishes for each stroke.

These videos explain the key components of:

  • The start & breakout
  • The turn
  • The finish
Swimming Technique Platinum Bundle Videos
Best Value

Platinum Bundle

Get all 38 swimming technique videos at a discounted price, including:

  • Stroke technique videos for ALL strokes (4 videos)
  • Understanding stroke videos for ALL strokes (22 videos)
  • Starts, Turns & Finishes videos for ALL strokes (12 videos)

TOTAL: 38 videos


Coach Contributors

Leigh Nugent


Leigh Nugent is one of the best technical swimming coaches in the world. As National Youth Coach for Swimming Australia from 2000 to 2003 and again from 2005 to 2009, Leigh has worked with many of the best up and coming swimmers and coaches in Australia and around the world. Leigh was the Head Coach of Swimming Australia in 2003-2004 and again in 2009-2012, leading the sport to its most successful Olympics since Melbourne 1956 in Athens in 2004.

Gary Barclay


Gary Barclay has been involved in the sport of swimming for more than 30 years in a variety of capacities including as a swim teacher, swimming coach, athlete manager, event manager and 17 years as CEO of one of the most successful swimming clubs in Australia. Gary coached swimming for 12 years and was very successful with junior and age group swimmers with swimmers winning more than 100 gold medals at the State Championship level.

Our Experience

This is how many swimmers we have coached in our collective 100+ years of coaching…

State Swimmers

National Age Gold Medallists

International Medallists

Purchase Gold Class Swimming’s Stroke Model Videos to…

  • Get anytime access to in-depth video analysis of ideal techniques used by the world’s best swimmers
  • Receive expert tips from Australian Olympic Swim Coaches
  • Learn how to swim more effectively and efficiently, enabling you to swim with less energy expenditure
  • Gain more power and speed through the water, allowing you to swim much faster
  • Improve your starts, turns and finishes, shaving even more time off each lap
  • Speed up your progress so that you will hit your goals sooner
  • Gain that competitive edge you’ve been longing for!
Freestyle Technique Video

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a coach. Can I share these videos with my swimmers?

Yes, that’s what most of our coaches are doing. They use phones, tablets, and poolside screens to share these ideal stroke models with their swimmers. This allows them to emulate the correct techniques, with a crystal clear vision of what the ideal stroke should look like fresh in their minds as soon as they push off the wall. This can significantly enhance the quality of your training sessions.

I am an age group swimmer. Will this work for me?
I am a masters swimmer. Will this work for me?

Absolutely. Regardless of your age or experience level, mastering the correct technique is crucial. As a masters swimmer, you might have been practicing with incorrect techniques that could lead to inefficiencies and potential injuries. Our videos will help you correct those techniques, ensuring you swim more efficiently and safely, whilst also enhancing your performance. Additionally, if you’re training alone or without access to other swimmers who can demonstrate ideal stroke models, these videos provide a perfect solution, giving you world-class examples to emulate and improve your swimming.

I am a triathlete. Will this work for me?

Absolutely. As a triathlete, efficient swimming is crucial for conserving energy and improving your overall performance. While the freestyle videos are essential for your race day performance, you’ll also benefit from learning how to do other strokes better. Incorporating different strokes into your training adds variety, helps balance muscle development, and can prevent injuries. Our videos provide world-class techniques for all strokes, enhancing your swim leg and overall triathlon performance.

Will these videos replace the need for me to have a swim coach or join a squad?
Can I download the videos?
Is this a one-off or recurring payment, and how long will I have access to these videos?

This is a one-time payment. Once you purchase one of our stroke model packages, you will have immediate and ongoing access. Should we ever decide to stop hosting this product, we will provide you with a link to download the videos, ensuring you always have access to them.

Will I get ongoing support to help apply these stroke models within my training sessions?

When you purchase these videos, you will gain access to high-quality instructional content, but personalised stroke correction feedback and ongoing assistance are not included. If you’re looking for more hands-on support and professional development, we recommend checking out our Swim Coach Advantage and Swim Parent Advantage programs. We also run Swim Clinics for age group swimmers. 

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