Coaching Swimming in the 21st Century

Coaching Swimming in the 21st Century

Many of the top swimming clubs in Australia and around the world have recognised the need for ongoing professional development for their swim coaches.

Gold Class Swimming has fast become the most recognised and professional swim coach development organisation for the ongoing development of swimming coaches.

Gold Class Swimming caters for swim coaches who are keen to improve their skills and help each individual swimmer to swim with correct technique and skills. In particular, the Swim Coach Advantage program provides weekly live online sessions for coach members in more than 20 countries.

The program is recognised by Swimming Australia and provides re accreditation points for active members who maintain ongoing learning by actively participating in the program.

The key contributors to the program are based in Australia, one the most successful countries in competitive swimming. The content delivered and weekly discussions are at the cutting edge of coaching. The coaching experts provide members with the opportunity to improve their knowledge, understanding and skill sets on a weekly basis.

This week we release our brand-new Certificate program “Coaching for Age Group Swimmers” to the coaching community.

Within the Certificate course there is a major focus on the Physiology of Training and Understanding Energy Systems. The Certificate program provides coaches with a very good understanding of key elements such as:

  • Training principles, training zones, training variables and training specifics
  • Overload and progressive overload
  • Understanding energy systems, energy systems and events, energy systems and training design
  • Aerobic and anaerobic
  • Lactate production, lactate clearance and lactate tolerance
  • Aerobic threshold and anaerobic threshold
  • VO2 Max – Maximum O2 Uptake
  • Anaerobic glycolysis
  • Muscle fuel – ATP, ATP-PC
  • Lactic acid and lactate curve
  • Heart rate and heart rate curve
  • Recovery

We want as many swim coaches as possible to share in the learning and join our community, so we have a special offer of $50 off annual memberships. 

This program is ideal for:

  • Swim coaches currently working with 13-17-year-old swimmers competing at a national level who would like to prepare athletes for international level competition in future years.
  • Swim coaches who currently coach juniors or age development level swimmers and would like to gain the knowledge to coach 13-17-year-olds to high levels of success.

The Certificates also include a focus on planning for performance level athletes aged 13 to 17 years.

Planning is a key aspects of swim coaching and an area many coaches struggle with, so the program provides modules that take coaches through the planning for age development and age performance athletes.

These certificates include:

  • A review of the physiology terminology used with age performance and open level swimmers
  • What are training zones?
  • The training of the different energy systems to maximise performance in age performance swimmers
  • How to write a preparation plan for athletes aged 13 to 17 years, performing at a high level
  • A look in detail at periodisation from phase to phase and training cycles within each week
  • Considerations for workout design
  • How to write specific training sessions representative through the phases of preparation

All these modules and much more are now available as part of our world-wide coaching program, Swim Coach Advantage.

As an added bonus, you will also gain access to our weekly live Mentor PODs where we discuss a variety of topics and will include a number of expert guests in 2023.

You will also receive access to:

  • a 10 min explanation on the correct stroke model for the four strokes,
  • images that include a breakdown of the key elements of each stroke including correct head, body, hand and leg positions throughout each stroke,
  • more than 160 drills across the 4 strokes including many progressions that will get results with your swimmers, and
  • in fact everything you need to become a better informed, knowledgeable and successful coach.

To claim your discount of $50 off the annual membership, use the coupon code AGEPERFORM at checkout.

We look forward to helping you to take your swim coaching to another level.

PS: If you join in the next 48 hours, you will also receive:

  • free access to the Swim Parent Advantage program which includes everything you need to know to manage parents in your program, and
  • free access to the Certificate series on Coaching Junior Swimmers which provides coaches of swimmers aged 8 to 12 years with the key ingredients of being a successful coach of junior swimmers.

To claim your discount of $50 off the annual membership, use the coupon code AGEPERFORM at checkout.