The Life of a Swimming Parent

The Life of a Swimming Parent

Being a swimming parent can be a rewarding yet demanding role. The life of a swimming parent often involves various aspects, including support, commitment, and involvement in your child’s swimming journey.

Here are some key aspects of the life of a swimming parent:

  1. Early Mornings and Weekends: Swimming practice often takes place early in the morning or on weekends. This means that as a swimming parent, you may find yourself waking up early to take your child to morning practices or spending weekends at swim meets.
  2. Commitment to Regular Attendance: Consistency is crucial in swimming, and committed attendance to practices and meets is essential. This requires a significant time commitment from both the child and the parent.
  3. Financial Investment: Swimming involves various expenses, including coaching fees, swim gear, travel costs for competitions, and entry fees for swim meets. Swimming parents need to be prepared for the financial investment that comes with supporting their child’s passion.
  4. Emotional Support: Competitive swimming can be physically and mentally challenging for children. As a swimming parent, providing emotional support is vital. This includes offering encouragement after both successful and challenging performances, being a source of motivation, and helping your child cope with the ups and downs of competition.
  5. Balancing Academics and Athletics: Balancing schoolwork and swimming can be demanding. Swimming parents often need to help their children manage their time effectively to ensure that academic responsibilities are not neglected.
  6. Nutrition and Health: Proper nutrition and health are crucial for swimmers. As a swimming parent, you may be involved in planning and providing nutritious meals, ensuring your child stays hydrated, and addressing any health concerns that may arise.
  7. Traveling to Competitions: Competitive swimmers often participate in meets that require travel. Swimming parents may find themselves regularly accompanying their children to various locations for competitions, which can involve overnight stays and time away from home.
  8. Building a Supportive Community: Being part of a swimming community can be fulfilling for both parents and swimmers. Engaging with other swimming parents, forming friendships, and creating a supportive network can enhance the overall experience.
  9. Understanding the Sport: While you don’t need to be an expert, having a basic understanding of swimming rules, techniques, and competitions can help you better support your child and engage in conversations with coaches and other parents. Swim Parent Advantage is the number one resource for parents with competitive swimmers.
  10. Encouraging Independence: As your child progresses in swimming, encouraging independence is important. This includes allowing them to take responsibility for their equipment, communicate with coaches, and make decisions related to their swimming journey.

While the life of a swimming parent requires time and dedication, it can also be incredibly fulfilling to witness your child’s growth, achievements, and the positive impact of sports on their overall development.

Take a look inside Swim Parent Advantage

Take a look inside Swim Parent Advantage

We have received so many questions form parents of competitive swimmers asking what Swim Parent Advantage is all about. So to help you out, we provide below some examples of what you get access to as a member of this world leading support program for swimming parents.

Parent PODs

Let’s start with the fortnightly live sessions (called Parent PODs) where you can participate and ask questions of our coaches or special experts. Each session is a bit different. Below is one of our more recent sessions with our resident Child & Sport Psychologist, Megan Davis. Megan is a former Australian representative swimmer, swim coach and a mother of 3 sporty kids. Megan also contributes with regular online episodes focused on many different psychology topics. Feedback from parents who watched the POD live or the recorded video include:

“I got a lot out of this session, thanks GCS and Megan” Claire

“I caught up with this POD today (Sunday). I don’t understand why parents who spend $ ‘00s on a race suit for their child don’t realise the value of the investment they could make for their child’s swimming by becoming a member of Gold Class Swimming. I just had my money’s worth in this session alone! Megan is great. Thanks guys, very valuable.” Tania

“That was a fantastic session highly recommend it to all parents. Lots of very practical advice” Michelle

“Fantastic session this morning. Thank you!” Emma

“Invaluable!! Highly recommended. Thanks guys” Prue

Online Video Library

To compliment the fortnightly live sessions there are more than 50 video discussions between aquatic expert Gary Barclay and 2004 & 2012 Australian Olympic Team Head Coach Leigh Nugent. These include discussions on the benefits of swimming, the swimming parent, swimmer development pathways, growth and development, swimming training and swimming competitions. Here is an example video discussing the coach/swimmer relationship.

Stroke Models

One of the most popular sections in the program are the four stroke models. Leigh takes athletes and parents through the key elements in learning and swimming correct freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Each online video can be watched as many times as you like. Below is a short extract from the freestyle video.

“As a sports psychologist, we now know that by watching people performing motor skills in the way that you what to do them, helps train the nervous system that way. So your kids can actually be training by watching these stroke model videos.” Megan Davis

Nutrition Support

We all know that nutrition plays a major role in the development of children and adults. Parents are always looking for ways to ensure they are providing the right foods to their families… especially for kids who swim multiple times per week.

Our resident nutritionist Bec Stone leads us through many different aspects of nutrition with regular one hour sessions and many short episodes of online videos on specific topics. One of our recent episodes was on Protein Powders and do athletes really need them. You can watch it below. Bec also answers all your questions about nutrition, and as a former national level swimmer and coach understands all aspects of nutritional needs for the sport. You will also gain access to all the contents in the eBook “Nutrition for Swimmers” through the lessons in the nutrition section of the membership platform.

Parent Community

Parents who are members of Swim Parent Advantage enjoy access to the private group on Facebook. While all online videos and discussions are promoted through the group, parents can also ask questions and share ideas.

Join us today at Swim Parent Advantage and let us share and support your journey as a parent of a competitive swimmer.