Gold Class Swimming are well known for their swim clinics throughout Australia. With hundreds of swimmers each year participating in them, lead coach Leigh Nugent came to the realisation that while the swimmers and coaches were well supported, a majority of parents are seeking their own education so they can effectively support their child’s involvement in the sport. For many parents, this was their first involvement in the sport and there is so much to learn.

Over the past two years, the team at Gold Class Swimming have put together a comprehensive educational program for parents of swimmers of all ages. The program consists of more than 50 videos, regular Parent PODs (Zoom meetings were you can ask questions) and a private Facebook group. Best of all, you are provided with access to three of Australia’s leading aquatic educators, Leigh Nugent, Gary Barclay & Rohan Taylor.

Today Leigh and Gary talk about the Leigh’s experiences supporting parents of competitive swimmers. To be involved in the parent support program and give your child the best chance for success go to Swim Parent Advantage.