Improving Starts, Turns and Finishes with SCA

Improving Starts, Turns and Finishes with SCA

Calling all swim coaches! Improve your coaching of starts, turns and finishes.

Each week we receive many requests from swim coaches who would like to know what sort of content is provided in the Swim Coach Advantage program.

Members are provided with:

  • access to live weekly Mentor PODs where coaches come together and discuss key coaching items,
  • a weekly written or video Swim Obs – an observation made in the previous week by the coaching team,
  • access to more than 180 videos containing drills and skills across the four competitive strokes,
  • access to a private Facebook Group where they can ask questions and share ideas… and much more.

The content is prepared by former Olympic Head Coach Leigh Nugent, leading aquatics educator and manager Gary Barclay and dual Olympic Coach Rohan Taylor.